Terms Of Use

Commercial Use - CU (physical)
1. You may use my files to create your own products to sell. Or for personal use/gifts.
2. You may not share my files in any group or with any other person. If someone would like the file you may share the link to the file for them to purchase, (or in the case of a free gift, for them to download).
3. You may not sell my original files (AS IS) on Etsy, or any online store. Ex. You may not make a decal of the org file and sell it.
4. You may sell your products using my (Modified) designs on Etsy or any online store as well as
Marketplace, or any other way you see fit.  Ex. You modify my file and make a decal to sell.
5. Please keep in mind that you have purchase the right to use my files, however I retain ownership.
6. If you have questions about how to use my files, or want to use in an other way mentioned, please email me. I am pretty flexible and you never know until you ask.

Creative Fabrica Subscription
If you obtained my creations as part of a subscription to Creative Fabrica please keep in mind that you may no longer use my files to create new products if you cancel your subscription. You may continue to sell the products you have already created.
Find out more at Creative Fabrica Terms of Service

Commercial Use - CU (Digital)
*What You MAY Do With This Product*
1. You may use this product in your Personal Use, Scrap for Hire, Scrap for Offer, (PU,S4H,S4O) or personal use freebies created by you.
 All images must be flattened ( no layered formats).
 2. You may resize, recolor or crop any of my images to suit your needs. These images are designed to down sized,
however if you enlarge them, you will lose quality of the image.
 3. You may use this product on your personal or commercial blog, facebook fan page, or commercial website.
4. You may make a personal copy of this product on an external hard drive or any other backup form you may use.
*What You May NOT Do With This Product*
1. You may not share, transfer, trade or give away any or all of this product. You may share your work with your groups as a preview only.
 2. You may not claim product or any part as your own in either the original or an altered state.
3. You may not create other commercial use products with this product.
 4. You may not use these images for obscene, defamatory or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law.
NO credit is required but always appreciated. 

Becky Wilson
Becky W. Creations©
Email: beckywcreations@gmail.com
Blog: http://www.beckywcreations.com
Facebook : http://facebook.com/BeckysCreations1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeckysCreations
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/BCreations1/

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